Code of Conduct – IRU – International Raiffeisen Union e. V.

 The IRU – International Raiffeisen Union is a worldwide voluntary association of national cooperative organizations whose work and ideas are based on the values and principles of cooperative pioneer Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen.

It has the purpose of propagating the principles and values of F. W. Raiffeisen openly and to contributing to the exchange of experiences between member organisations. In doing so, the IRU does not carry out any commercial activity nor does it serve any politico-economic interest or competes with other existing international and national organizations.

Our Code of Conduct describes the values and principles we share and are committed to and the way we want to work together – both now and in future. It sets out a clear vision that we must strive to secure long-term our cooperation and the strengthening of the Raiffeisen movement. We can only achieve this goal together – based on the central cooperative principles and values as defined by F. W. Raiffeisen. The principles and values such as self-help, self-government, self-responsibility, honesty, openness, transparency, solidarity, social responsibility as well as legal and ethical compliance play a vital role in this.

For the first time, the basic rules and principles governing behaviour of the IRU now and, in the future, have been brought together in this Code of Conduct. It represents our basis for a legally compliant and ethically oriented sustainable corporate culture to which we feel committed both internally and externally. It sets a standard for us and at the same time represents a promise that we will act responsibly both externally in our daily dealings and interaction with the public as well as internally in our interactions with colleagues. We bear joint responsibility for the IRU’s reputation.

Considering this, this Code of Conduct shall guide the day-to-day conduct of the IRU.


The Code of Conduct of the IRU can also be downloaded here.



The members of the IRU working group have jointly developed this Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct expresses what the IRU stands for now and in the future.

Based on the below mentioned principles, this Code of Conduct summarises the main principles, ethical values and rules governing our daily actions as well as the standards we set ourselves within the IRU.


Conduct in Business

Compliance with the law

Compliance with law, rules and regulations is for us an essential basic principle of responsible business conduct. We always adhere to legal prohibitions and requirements.


Cooperative Partnership

We are determined to cooperate with our colleagues, management, and national and international partners in a fair and trusting manner and to promote a Global Partnership that helps us to contribute to the sustainable developmental goals.


Money Laundering, Bribery and Corruption

We firmly reject all forms of corruption, bribery, and money laundering. We do not allow to be promised or offered advantages and we do not accept any benefits. Furthermore, we never claim any personal advantage for themselves or for any third party. Therefore, it is forbidden to claim, accept, offer, give, or arrange bribes directly or indirectly.

Moreover, we fulfil all legal obligations to prevent money laundering and do not participate in any money laundering activities.



Conduct towards Colleagues, Co-operators, and Employees

Respect, Equal Treatment, and non-discrimination

We do not tolerate unlawful harassment or any mistreatment by or of members and employees, guests, or clients in the workplace or in any other situation on the basis of sex, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, ancestry, citizenship, religion, age, education, physical or mental disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, marital status, or any other category.

We commit ourselves to promoting equal opportunities, respect, and equality in any situation of our national and international cooperation.



We consider a constructive handling of conflicts as an opportunity for reflection and their solution as a strengthening of our resources.

We acknowledge our own and other mistakes, communicate openly about them and bear responsibility. In doing so, the focus lies on the professional solution of problems taking into account the needs of the participants.


Respect and Promote Human Rights

We are committed to respecting and promoting human rights and support their observance. We reject all ways and forms that are contrary to Human Rights.


Foster Diversity and Inclusion

We work and cooperate better together because of our differences, not despite them. As IRU we are committed to this principle and believe that we best promote the Raiffeisen Movement by enriching the cooperative culture through diverse skills, experiences, and backgrounds that each of us brings to the IRU.



Conduct within the Society

For us, sustainability, environmental and climate protection, and resource efficiency are key objectives. We advocate economic and environmental sustainability in our daily work and act in an efficient and resource-friendly manner. We think in a prescient way and plan business processes in the long-term, also beyond the end of our activities. We ensure that all environmental and climate impacts are kept to a minimum

Our members and employees bear responsibility for conserving natural resources and helping protect the environment and climate through their individual behaviour.



Donations and any other forms of corporate citizenship are carried out solely in the interests of the IRU.

As IRU we make no financial contributions, in particular donations or sponsorships, to political parties in any country, organisations related or similar to parties, individual office incumbents or candidates for political offices.


Political Lobbying

IRU does not carry out any commercial or political activity nor does it serve any politico-economic interest or competes with other existing international organizations. We are therefore not conducting political lobbying or influencing government policy and legislation in any situation.



Communications and Handling of Information

Communications and Behaviour in Public

The IRU respects the right to free speech and the protection of personal rights and privacy at any time and in any situation.


Confidential Information and Intellectual Property

We protect and respect the value of information and ideas of the IRU, of our members or any third party independent whether they belong to IRU, its members or any other third party.

Intellectual property includes copyrights on any document, product, brand names, logos, research documents or any other source available to its members and the public. At all times, the IRU takes precautions to protect the intellectual property and confidential information of itself or its members.


Data protection and information security

The protection of personal data is of utmost importance to IRU. Personal data may be collected or processed only were permitted by law or with the consent of the person concerned.


Social Media, Website, and further Communication Channels

Social media includes any digital communication channels the IRU is currently using and that allows the IRU or its members to create and share content and post comments.

Public statements via the IRU communication channels are always honest and not misleading. Our communication is always respectful and recognises the potential way others view who we are and what the IRU stands for.

The IRU only publishes information of its members if it has the permission to do so.