“Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen. The Power of an Idea”

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The year 2018 marks the 200th birthday of Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen. This year, IRU – International Raiffeisen Union celebrates its 50th anniversary. On this occasion, a documentary film about Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen was realized in close cooperation with the Austrian Raiffeisen Association (ÖRV) and DGRV – German Cooperative and Raiffeisen Confederation and was supported by further IRU member organizations.

7 Minutes Preview:

The 45-minute Raiffeisen documentary takes a closer look at Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen – not only as a social reformer and as one of the founders of the cooperative idea in Germany, but also as mayor, father and person.

His story is told from the perspective of his eldest daughter Amalie, who was also his employee and lifelong support. Without her, he would not have been able to carry out his life’s work – but at a high price: At Raiffeisen’s request, Amalie devoted her life entirely to her father’s work and had to renounce her own marriage and children.

A contemporary view of cooperatives is given amongst others by interview partners from the historical field as well as from the cooperative organizations in the German-speaking area.

The film was produced by the Inspiris Haschek Film GmbH from Vienna. It is directed by Mena Scheuba-Tempfer. In addition to the IRU, who is co-producer of the film, the broadcasters ORF III, SRF and Rai Südtirol are also involved in the production.

Besides ÖRV and DGRV also the IRU member organizations Cera (Belgium), Crédit Mutuel (France), Rabobank (Netherlands), Banque Raiffeisen (Luxembourg), Raiffeisen Schweiz (Switzerland) and Raiffeisen Südtirol (Italy) added a significant financial contribution.

How can I receive the 45-minute documentation?

  1. Which languages are available?
    The film is available in German, English and French.
  2. Who has access to the film?
    The film can be used by all IRU members as well as their members respectively for internal and non-commercial purposes.
  3. Who is an IRU member?
    Have a look at the IRU members list. Most of our members are umbrella organizations. If you are member of one of these, please contact them for the film.
  4. How can interested parties get the film who are not part of the IRU member network?
    All other interested parties can order the film at Inspiris Haschek Film GmbH: office@inspirisfilm.tv
  5. Is it possible to use the film for an external or commercial purpose?
    The rights of an external or commercial use of the film has to be requested to the production company Inspiris Haschek Film GmbH: office@inspirisfilm.tv
  6. Why is it not allowed to add the film or a download link on a public webpage?
    The film will be screened by different broadcasting station throughout the year. In order to respect the contractual terms, the film may not be published openly online.
  7. May the film be published on an internal membership site?
    Yes, if the membership site is protected by a password and not accessible for the public, the film may be published in that internal area.
  8. How can the film be promoted / people get an insight?
    It is possible to publish the 7-minute version of the film (see above) which is available in German, English and French. We are happy to send it to you on request.

For any question, please contact:

Mr Korbinian März
Phone: +49 228 8861 364
Mail: maerz@iru.de


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