Raiffeisen Today – An Excerpt from the lively Exchange of the IRU Members


In cooperation with its member organisations from all over the world, many contributions of best practice examples have been compiled in this latest publication showcasing how Raiffeisen and its cooperative principles nowadays are actively lived and practically implemented in the various countries. Read more

50 Year of IRU – A Chronicle


The environment of the organisation today is completely different from when it was founded in 1968. By 2018, the reality of life in the member countries, the national and international challenges, have changed significantly. The IRU has managed to assert itself while preserving the tried and tested. Over 50 years, the shared ‘Raiffeisen ideology’ formed the cohesive kit that held the core group of members together. So it’s time to take a look back to honour the development of half a century. The essence of the organisation’s history is bundled in the booklet “50 Years of IRU – A Chronicle”. Read more