Have you always wanted to know why Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen’s cooperative idea is more relevant than ever?
Do you know what distinguishes cooperatives from other forms of economy?
Would you like to apply this know-how in practice and share ideas and experiences with the global IRU network?



Together with the IRU working group, IRU – International Raiffeisen Union has developed an innovative, modular, interactive training programme:

The Raiffeisen Ambassador

The Raiffeisen Ambassador combines learning cooperative know-how with modern methods in an interactive way, guided by cooperative experts and exchange.

The training consists of 6 exciting modules on relevant topics combining theory with practice and real-life examples. Each module in turn consists of a self-learning unit, a virtual live exchange session with experts and IRU colleagues worldwide and homework.

The Raiffeisen Ambassador is a modern and particularly practice-oriented course. The training inspires participants to practically apply and live what they have learned in their everyday life and work. It is essential to the core idea of the IRU: The global exchange with our member organisations in the spirit of the principles and values of Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen.

The training is particular aimed at:

  • Colleagues who are new to the IRU member organisation and who are not yet familiar with the cooperative idea of Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen.
  • Multipliers who either have a management function or are responsible for staff and can pass on what they have learned.


Want to know why you should join our Raiffeisen Ambassador Training? Have a look at our Raiffeisen Ambassador Training – Flyer

Want to know what Alumni are saying about the Training? Have a look at their video testimonials:


Please note:

  • The pilot training is cost free.
  • A good command of English is mandatory.
  • The pilot training offers 25 places. Up to 5 people per organisation may be registered. Depending on the total number of registrations, we may only be able to admit 2 persons per organisation

Does that sound as exciting to you as it does to us?

Then we would like to invite you, dear IRU members, to our next Raiffeisen Ambassador Training starting on October 30, 2023!

Register now online at Raiffeisen Ambassador Registration

Please note: As of October 30, 2023 this Raiffeisen Ambassador Training is fully booked. In case you are interested, the next training will start in May 2024 onwards. Registrations will open in February / March 2024. Thank you very much!


Registration for the Raiffeisen Ambassador Pilot Training is currently only available for IRU members. Corresponding information has been sent to the members. If your organisation is a member and you would like to register but do not have the access data, please contact the Secretariat General at info@iru.de. Thank you very much!

The registration deadline for the Raiffeisen Ambassador Training is October 30, 2023.